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[SOLVED] Zmodeler: Train Model breaks on Export

  • So, my issue seems to be a pretty unique one, as I couldn't fix it even with the help of an experienced modder.
    I'm trying to port a train model to the game, but every time I export it and launch the game, it crashes my game.

    Now I've tried pretty much everything you'd normally think of.

    • exported with default collisions
    • exported without LODs
    • imported the default freight, replaced the default bodyshell with my custom one, and exported without changing anything else

    But none of these worked.
    Considering that last one I'm suspecting the issue may be in my bodyshell, but it is not the only one, as I've tried the same thing with a different model and still had this issue.

    I would appriciate if someone could help with this, or try themselves. (In the later case, PM me)

    EDIT: The issue has been resolved thanks to SkylineGTRFreak. Apparently either missing wheel dummies, or invalid materials caused the crashing.

  • Have you tried increasing the base value of model?

  • @Walter whats the polygon count and vertices count on the model ? Can u show us screenshot of openiv view with those numbers ?

    Most likely u comverted a very high polygon model

  • @FoxtrotDelta Sure thing, here's the model with the hierarchy aswell. Don't think that's the problem though since it's not much more than the default freight. freight

    @Oskar What do you mean?

  • @Walter

    Poly count is not the problem. I guess someone else would have a better idea, who has made trains.

  • @Walter In ZModeler, select the scene node dummy (the one above chassis which is named like your vehicle) and go into the user-defined options tab. There should be a property which is named "base". Try to increase the one which is not 0 to let's say 150? (forgot what the max value was). That fixed a lot of crashes for me.

  • @Oskar Well, for one I couldn't find that in the user defined properties, but it didn't help even when I added it. Still crashes that way.

  • @Walter check the collisions again

  • @FoxtrotDelta Wouldn't help since I already tried with the default collisions. (From the default freight)

  • @Walter could you perhaps upload the .z3d file?

  • @SkylineGTRFreak I'll PM it to you.

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