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hi new here, modded gta but still need some help in areas

  • Hi all,

    So i decided to start modding gtA few days ago,
    Have grasped the technique, but am having some issues.
    I installed the vegetation , natural vision remastered and enb .
    I am having difficulty trying to install reshade (if you can show me a tutorial) and also the lamborghini model.
    It is still not looking like a ultra realistic modded gta you see on youtube,. but looks better already.
    please help me out, thnks.

  • update* Manged to install reshade but i cant install la roads for some reason i have tried the tutorial, the cars dont appear in the game also, so i am wondering if i need a trainer for it?

  • @stallion007 LA Roads doesn't install vehicles, it simply replaces vanilla road textures, upgraded from 512 to 1k.

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