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Moderators and mod updates

  • I updated this script to v0.0.2, fixing a small bug and did the changelog and added a version number consistent to the file and the changelog. After approval of the update it was listed as version 1.0 (instead of v0.0.2).

    This strikes me as strange - Do moderators manually insert the version numbers or is the upload file dialog messed up? I could've forgotten to put it in, but I vividly remember I did.

    My update steps are this:

    • Click on Edit File
    • Under Upload a new file, select the new file.
    • In Version, give the new version a version number (vX.Y.Z)
    • Update the Description
    • Press the green Save File on the right (NOT Submit File near the upload).

    Is this the correct way? Submit File always discarded changes to the description for me and updated the mod version before an update was approved.


    @ikt I don't know who approved the update so I can't say for sure but what I do know is that a lot of people forget to put in a version number. We can't update the file without providing a version number, so we just choose what's most likely to be the new version - in this case 1.0.
    Also, I always update the description after I submit the new file and never had any issues regarding the version.

  • I think the file itself isn't discarded then, but the version number is, when using the Save File option. Oh well, more steps then.



    Yeah what likely happened there was that you deleted the prior file and submitted a new file with no version number... So the default wntry that a moderator would add manually is 1.0 usually.

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