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Weapon Component Settings

  • Hey all. I downloaded an M4 mod that includes attachments. The scope works surprisingly well with other guns, I don't care much for the included grip, but the problem arises when I get to the suppressor. The Carbine Rifle uses the AtArSupp model for the suppressor, which is shared with the Special Carbine, Carbine Rifle Mk.II, etc. So if I replace the model for the default ArSupp, needless to say, the other guns won't be compatible. I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to either control where the attachment is fitted onto a gun, so that I may keep the modded model while having them fit onto stock guns. My alternative would be to replace the model for the Pump Shotgun suppressor (I won't be using that anytime soon), and alter the M4 files to use the AtSrSupp (Pump Shotgun suppressor model) suppressor instead of the Special Carbine suppressor. Any help is appreciated. 👍🏾

    *Also, does anyone know how to change your profile pic on the forums? It works just fine on the og mods site, but not here.

    Following the same subject (kinda), can anyone help replace some scope files for the Marksman Rifle? I'm specifically trying to have the rifle use the model for the Advanced (MAX) Scope, but use the camera/zoom/reticle for the Regular (LARGE) Scope. The location of the scope reticle texture would be a great start.

    *Still don't know how to change my forum profile image tho.

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