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[VEHICLE] Italdesign Scighera

  • It turns out that i am an old school gamer, and i loved the 90's nfs hot pursuit, so i wanted to ask if someone can build or convert the 90's supercar Italdesign Scighera from 1998 NFS III HP. I'm really taking this car mods far away, i have changed almost every car in the game, and after that, i made my own NFS III garages with almost every car, but i cant find a DB7, 90's XKR and a Scighera.

    Anyway I hope somone does it. It will be a lovely throwback to the old days.

  • @roraflores oh my gosh i'd almost forgotten that italdesign existed o_0 NFS hp 3 ftw
    i actually have the only xk8/r in any gta lol wanted one in a decent game for ages as i adore the car, got a model for it bought for me to convert, it was intended for public release but it's not been finished fully as everytime i go to finish i seem to be plagued with the worst luck of things going wrong, so beta version still on VIP only alt text

  • oh my god! can i have that xk8? i swear that im no a tricky person with details and stuff. And what about a Scighera? Sorry i reply so late, i never recieved the notice of ur reply.

  • @roraflores Oh sorry i never saw this reply either because it didnt give me a notification lol i'll reply to your pm now (y)

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