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Does anybody here uses Uraniom ? Or knows how to use it?

  • In case you dont know what im talking about Uraniom is a program that lets you load .obj models and import them into GTA V (And many other games).

    Is an easy way to make Player Models, im using it to make Addon Characters like Sweet from GTA SA...

    alt text

    The problem with the program is that it work like shit... It is made by some french people and now it looks like it abandoned, no new updates or nothing, the forums have post from years ago.

    I know some modders here used this program to make some player models, so for some months i have been trying to make some player models but it seems it works when the program wants to.

    I have literally upload loads of models into the program and just two of them works (i cant delete the models, once they are uploaded they stay there) what i can delete is the model converted to .ydd.

    The thing is... i managed to get a model working and everything but it seems that the textured bugged out, so when i tried to fix it uploading a new model with the corrected texture the program just started throwing this error everytime.

    alt text

    I have exported the model a thousand times (in diferent ways) but i just get the same error.

    The 2 models i manage to get working are these :

    alt text
    This one was me testing the program after some months (i have been using the program before, but today i just remember it and decided to try it again)

    alt text
    And this model has the texture error.... After fixing it, for some reason i cant manage to get the program working again.


    (yeah i uploaded the model numerous times)

    If anybody used the program before and knows if i have to export the .obj some exact way with some exact properties, please let me know.
    Or if somebody can get the program working without any error.

  • @RenanBSN i tried to download uraniom but i couldnt find a link

  • So i have been trying to make the program work again with no luck.

    The good news is that i know how to get rid of all the scans i uploaded and the broken player models that the programs creates of the scans you upload.

    The thing is i cant seem to get the program working again, im messing something up when i export the .obj files

    (does anybody know how to export an .obj the correct way?)

    I have some head models that i would really like to make into Add on characters for the game And it seems that the program works for everyone else, it just my 3ds max having problems or the Uraniom App Itself.

    Another thing that i would like to point out is that the Desktop Application of Uraniom gets stuck loading the model, when the Web Application can load it but ends up throwing the same error as i show before.

    Hope i can gets those models working, by the way @messi3194 did the link i provided work for you ?

  • To explain me a little bit better i took some screenshots to see if anyone can see where im making a mistake...

    So this is how im exporting the model :
    alt text

    Here's the proces of adjusting the eyes and the mouth
    alt text

    And here's the process of scaling the head, etc.

    alt text

    After clicking next i just get this :

    alt text

    The Desktop Applications gets to the last step but after clicking next its gets stuck on loading...

  • Sorry for late bump, but exactly the same problem here. I am trying to add a head model I created with Autodesk Mudbox and edited with 3dsMax, exported to obj, did everything correctly i believe, but it keep giving me this error as well as the desktop version that gets stuck loading. Someone has a fix?

  • same problem i get the same error or im getting stuck in loading screen at the end

  • same issue still in 2020 no fix found or any one help us to do manualy in 3ds max? and i m ready with gims evo plugin and any tutorial video or something

  • 0_1591252690416_upload-9fb4e6dc-c6c0-4d3a-9085-4c456c0c6e38 well!

  • @amjithkshine

    I'm really sorry I never came back to this, as I solved the original issue I believe, with that exact error. Your head must be 1 mesh, consisting of only 1 element. Yes, 1 element, so no separated elements in 1 object. This means I had to weld and manually attach the eyes of my head model, as my head and eyes were separated into 2 elements. When done, this error didn't occure anymore. I think this should fix the original error message #3D01.

    HOWEVER, If I want to use uraniom now, I can't import anything into the game. It's like the import to game button, doesn't work at all anymore. If someone has the same issue, please tell me.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi there,

    I confirm thtat it works when importing one mesh only.
    The thing is I can't seem to export the avatar into GTA, neither from the website or the desktop app.

    Do you know how to export the data from Uraniom to get the generated avatar ?

    I am able to share it to Sketchfab and then download an .fbx or .glTF file from there, any hints on what should I do then to use it with GTA V ?

  • @RenanBSN hi are you still using it? I am unable to delete any avatar that I created in uraniom. How were you able to get rid of them?

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