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[HELP] NPCs firing vehicle weapons at the player, during wanted levels?

  • Back when I was creating my dispatch mod from scratch, before I had to reset everything for Smuggler's Run DLC, I was thinking about having Savages fire rockets at me, or having an army soldier man the machine gun on the Insurgent Pick-Up to gun me down, at a five-star wanted level. The only issue I'm having, is that I cannot figure out how to get those peds to fire vehicle weapons at me, while testing my modded wanted level system.

    Any suggestions or coding references were always welcome, and I do remember that the legendary Realism Dispatch Enhanced mod has that such feature. Any advice will be appreciated.

  • @MarineMan2016 The most I can say on the matter is have the Insurgent be in the dispatch, but have nine peds occupy the vehicle, and the ninth one may operate the turret. I'm no .meta expert, so that's just a guess. You can also have a Valkyrie dispatched. In terms of helis like the Buzzard, Hunter etc. I have no idea. Sorry.

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