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Get FATAL: Can't find native 0xF0A60040BE558F2D

  • Hi! I'm having trouble when loading up the menyoo trainer while in game. (I have everything up to date. i.e. Scripthook, the game itself.)

    1. I Run GTAV via Steam
    2. I Open Menyoo *everything loads correctly)
    3. I will attempt to activate reskin over current player model
    4. I immediately get a FATAL: Can't find native 0xF0A60040BE558F2D
      It's really annoying and it happens everytime. I haven't tried uninstalling the game because that's a lot of work and was hoping for a simpler solution, but if that's what it come to.

  • @Jasonmandy If you're using latest Menyoo version, update your game to latest version patch.

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