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Add-on clothes for MP characters.

  • Many of you know I'm modding the MP female ped and now I released a new high heels boots and pants for it but I don't want to replace clothes inside directories.

    This question is for all the experts in coding the game and making scripts.

    It's possible to search and create a tool for addon clothes for MP characters ?:hammer_pick:

  • @dionys19 It should be possible to do. It may even be possible to do it for Michael, Trevor, and Franklin as well.

  • @nkjellman It can be possible I believe but the modders need to research the scripts that control the clothes directories.

    I hope some of the expert in coding take a look to see if that is possible to build a tool.

  • Its possible to edit the .ymt to add more clothes
    however not sure how that would work if you want to make it like rockstar where they add new id's with the dlc.rpf's

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