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Draw circle or square on mini-map/pause-menue-map[.NET]

  • Hello dear guys,

    is it possible with ScriptHookDotNetV to draw a circle/rectangle with specific colours/radius to mark an area on the map?
    I searched pretty much the whole static classes World and Game, but could not find something like this.

    I just found "DrawMarker" in World-Class, but I assumed this has nothing to do with the map because the arguments requested are 3-dimensional, the map is 2-d.

    Thanks in advance!!

  • -1-
    Got it _ !
    var blimp = World.CreateBlip(_circles[_circles.Count - 1].Start, _circles[_circles.Count - 1].Radius);
    blimp.Color = BlipColor.Green;
    blimp.Alpha = 75;

    Can be closed.

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