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(SOLVED) After Installing non-map related mod my Countryside doesn't load in

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    So after running the autoinstaller for this mod (I thhink it's this one, I have only installed car mods and I have done them seperately.) https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/17-aston-martin-db11-hq I get this bug. (Pictured Above) This isn't even a pop in issue, any area outside of Los Santos simply never renders, I can drive along the road but if veer off I will fall through the map.

    I looked everywhere for a solution on google trying different searches.

    Someone please help!

  • @slikfiya Be careful with your choice of vehicle replacements. I have found that many more than not, come with absolutely no LOD support, add to that that many of these models have polygon counts pushing half a million which is insane. Clearly your vRam cannot keep up with it all. Check vRam consumption from in-game settings - try to keep it in the green without going into the yellow to account for the extra vehicle replacements you have. You can also increase the spawn distances from vehicles.meta - just search for spawn distance, and change 20 to 40 or 60 if you absolutely have to.

  • Thanks for the reply, although I don't think it's VRAM, (I have 8GB 1070) I'll still have a look and try narrow down the problems further.

  • @slikfiya What's your RAM size?

  • 8GB But it's never been a problem in the past 300 hours I've played.

  • @eshenk So when I got home I tried uninstalling some of the car mods and I haven't found which one it was but it wasn't the DB11. I guess it was just too many car mods. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • @slikfiya I did a LOT of vehicle replacements during a time when I didn't know what I was doing. I went through all archives that hold vehicles, and examined each one. You can quickly find what are the replacements just by looking at the size of the files. What I started noticing was that way too many x.yfts were the same size as x_hi.yfts - meaning no LODs! I replaced them all with vanillas, and then searched for vehicles that had LOD replacements - some I kept that did not have LODs, but I reduced the damage by increasing identical vehicle spawn distances in vehicles.meta by changing their default spawn distances from 20 to 40.

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