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CTD when running older FF wheel in W10



    Before throwing in the towel and picking up the G27 I bought... I thought, let's give it one more try.
    Win10 now automatically installs the signed x64 Saitek driver for the ancient Logitech Wheelman Formula Force (non-GP)
    But upon start V CTD's with an error in Windows Event Viewer on the SaiQFF04.dll.

    Dafuq R*?!!

    So, I can run this legacy Force Feedback wheel with almost all available options (force-feedback, buttons, wheel-paddles etc) in PCARS, PCARS2, AC, F1 201x, etc...
    Yet GTA V won't start with it plugged in neither will it start disconnected but with the drivers installed.
    I have to uninstall the drivers and reboot my machine and/or system recovery to a prior state to start V again. Pfffff....

    //edit simply renaming the dll to dll_ also works

    Any thoughts on this before I'm forced to bury it?

    alt text

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