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Looking for exclusive mods that can be paid for

  • I am from an up coming British clan that is currently under development are we are trying to put together a fleet of cars and police peds. However we don't want the standard ones that are already out there we want ones that are high quality and look professional. We are looking for skins that are similar to the london callings and LRPC skins, please note that we are willing to pay for these modifications. If you are willing to give us these types of modifications please reply to this.


  • @JWalker Hey,

    I'm having some experience with textures, and no, I'm not talking about that LAFD Skin I made back in the days with a shi##y laptop and MS Paint. I'm currently working on an LSPD Texture Pack for 7 vehicles. I can send you some screenshots if you want. If you're interested reply with a private message.

    PS. Please specify what vehicles and what department/skin with maybe pictures or so


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