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  • Oh, heyo y'all!! the name's PatãoInnertubey (you could call me BDuck, BigDuck, Inner... whatever you find better) and i'm a newbie designer (an experienced programmer tho). Here i'd like to showoff my mods and WIP works, it's guaranteed that all olf them should be released someday.

    Imponte DF8 Nitro
    Vapid Retinue (Spy Variant)
    Karin Chisana

    WIP MODS (Ingame Showoff coming soon):

    -Direct Conversion
    Mammoth Juggernaut (with Cusom Weapon)

    -IV model by Algonquin Hood
    EXM Felino
    Declasse Riva
    Iemanjá LX
    Annis Lancea
    Dewbauchee XSL650R

    There is also a Lowrider variant of Iemanjá LX with working hydraulics and stuff, but it wasn't shown here

    I should update this ocasionally once i finish/start something.

    That's all for now, folks! stay tuned for more stuff!

    @Moderators: by the way if i posted this thread in the wrong place, please move it. Thank you.

  • Nice work so far. Just one thing: I'd rename the Declasse Riva as Lampadati Riva, as it looks more italian than american, since it's based in a DeTomaso Deauville (something like a Maserati Quattroporte).

    Looking forward to see your work in the game!!

  • @Supermario401 Hey man, glad you like it by the way!

    And, i REALLY agree with you, it's very italian-ish, but... if i rename it to Lampadati, i'd have to redraw all of the vehicle's badges (it was made by Algonquin Hood), plus my drawing abilities are poor. Tbh, i can't draw ####.

    Oh and i forgot to show one other mod (also WIP): Shyster Previon electric car

    This one is more near completion than any other mod shown in this workshop. The model is also from MP3, blame the lack of a exhaust in the original model, it became a 100% electric car. I plan on releasing it together with all of 'em shown here, but before i should fix some stuff in Karin Chisana, and actualy finish all the other cars.

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