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what GtaV internal Xml/Dat file controls LOD and render settings.

  • Does anyone know what GTA V File, That controls the LOD settings For Buildings, Vehicles, peds And shadows?.

    As the Settings XML Does nothing besides make me toss my monitors out windows.

    X'D i'm on my last monitor. Opens window



    Buildings > <MaxLodScale value="0.800000" /> in settings.xml
    Vehicles > <lodDistances content="float_array"> in vehicles.meta
    Peds > # Lod distances for peds in visualsettings.dat in the root of update.rpf
    Shadows > dunno, you can add grasslodsettings.xml and grassshadowlodsettings.xmlto the root of update.rpf (I've made them clickable) AND/OR <Shadow_Distance value="1.200000" /> in settings.xml

  • TY i'll try editing those

  • After editing at least for me, Poppins cannot be reduced,

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