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Modded Peds - Edit gait, voice, add a helmet and enter shops

  • Hi :)
    I'm new in modding, so I don't know what I can or can't do with the mods I've installed.

    • What I use:
      -AddonPeds 3.0.1
      -Enhanced Native Trainer 35 QoL 1

    • My questions:

    1. Is it possible to edit gait and voice of modded peds ?

    Using "AddonPeds", I saw in the "ap_m.xml" file that there are tags like "<Sexiness>, <PedVoiceGroup>, <ClipDictionaryName>, <Personality>, <MovementClipSet>" that could maybe customize them more.
    What is the modified parameter for each tag, and is there any list of possible variables ?

    1. Can we add a helmet to a custom ped when riding a motorcycle ?

    2. Is it possible to enter shops with modded peds, buy some clothes or accessories ?

    Thanks !

  • @deaudouce
    1-use a trainer
    2-dont understand the question, you mean custom helmet, force the helmet on ?you can do the later via trainer or i believe the menu as well.
    3-not without open all interiors mod, custom peds count as online character and because you are in singleplayer cloths store only work for trinity. never heard anyone ask or talk about brining online shops into the game via mod.
    maybe ask for that in the proper section ?

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