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[VEHICLE] [WEAPON] Battlefield One

  • Since the BETA is coming out at the end of this month, I have noticed BF1 has some amazing armored cars, old tanks and weapons like a mace or even the tpyes of rifles they have and swords, I think these are some really epic ideas to make mods out of.

    I am aware someone made a bf1 tri plane already. Even an outfit like soldiers uniforms would be pretty dope

  • @Matt they will go Crazy on anybody , who tries to get those models in to any game, or rip them. One should atleast wait 1 year before attempting to rip models from it. or bringing them into gta 5. Since it is a new game. and has not even been released yet.

  • I would be so hyped to get that armoured train into GTA

  • @FoxtrotDelta Okay makes sense Maybe keep it in mind for down the road I would like to see some of those vehicles in GTA

  • @Matt Some might Make into the GTA 5. Soon after the Release. but im not sure yet.

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