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Is there any way to recover your dlclist.xml?

  • I accidentally lost the file and now I can't play GTA 5 with mods.
    Any help?

  • @MiDNiTE If you have the mods folder, put the vanilla dlclist.xml back and add the add-on lines, almost all of the time the name between <Item>dlcpacks:\ and </Item> is the same as the folder which contains the dlc.rpf.

    Which means if the folder name is "skyline",
    dlclist.xml entry should be <Item>dlcpacks:\skyline</Item>

    Or if you still have the mod ReadMe files, just add the entries by reading them.
    I don't think you can undo after deleting.

  • @V4D3R Oh ok, well thanks anyways!
    But I had a lot of mods installed there and I cant remember all of the mods I installed.
    Plus I had downloaded some shit more. But still thanks!

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