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Cola - Delisiously Infectious

  • Hi guys! Can anyone know which x64.rpf's need to scan to find COLA texture?
    Look the pic:alt text
    P.S. And there're below some T-shirts right at the Muscle Sands Gym, actually wanna know where these texture, too.

  • The building model is "vb_09_build01.ydr"
    The textures are inside "vb_09_build01+hidr.ytd"
    Both are located in this path "x64m.rpf\levels\gta5_cityw\venice_01\vb_09.rpf"

    The tshirt prop model is "prop_t_shirt_row_03.ydr"
    The textures are inside "prop_tees+hi.ytd", "prop_tees.ytd" and "prop_tees_1.ytd"
    The path is "x64i.rpf\levels\gta5\props\recreational\v_sports.rpf"

  • @Alex106 wow, very detailed response, thank you!! The topic is solved, I guess.

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