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[WIP] [VEHICLE] Mercedes-Benz c32 AMG 2004 [Replace / HQ

  • hello guys.
    today I'm converting this Mercedes benz from forza motorsport4.
    I'm 70% sure about it finishes tommorow :)
    some of it's features:
    breaking windows
    fully worknig dials
    correct sit position for driver and other passengers
    fully working steeringwheel
    hands on the steering wheel
    full dirt map
    3d leather on steering wheel-dashboard and seats
    and ....

    here are some photos in the zmodeler3:




    @ata386 Very nice!

    Go to my profile and see the cars I suggested in the forum. Maybe you can extract from someone racing game the 3D models of some of these cars and convert to GTA V.

  • @ata386 if you want me to make addon for this just pm me

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