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need help HELP HELP

  • Hi need help my car have many problems i first time see this problem

    1.no transparent gauges glass , windows (i cant change this in zmodeler new uv maping no results)
    2.missing tire texture (material is set on tire in properties and textures also good)
    3.not working/mising dials (all corectly worked dials is orginal dukes i see on 2second dials after missing)

    first version car in game look nice but have missing dials , missing body , wheels on first spawn
    two version car in game have no transparent all window and glass in interior ,first spawn also no wheels ,body etc

    HELP!!!! :tired_face: :scream: :sob:



    How to ask for help and support

    In this case, using [ZMOD3] Conversion help wanted as a subject would be more helpful than using CAPS imo

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