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I want to download the best Realism mod.

  • Which of the following Realism mods are the best and offer the most immersive experience? The Stealth, Realism Dispatch Enhanced or GTA 5 Redux? If they are all unique, then is there a way for me to install all of the unique features of the mods into one?

  • @MattE310 RDE is an absolute must-have. Redux I would stay away from because it contains a LOT of stolen modifications that have not been properly edited with every R* update since it's inception - that will likely equal to a lot of random crashes, and it would be difficult to sort out the likely offender/s.

  • Since when Redux offers realism?

  • @eshenk Thank you for the input. I am wondering if RDE has improved stealth? Because "The Stealth" mod has improved stealth and I like to have all of the features of each realism mod on my game. My only concern is that if each realism mod has unique features that are not present in other realism mods, since I heard that many of the realism mods are not compatible with each other because they alter AI behavior. I just want to enhance my game with as many immersive features as possible in one play through session.

  • Does RDE also enhance the AI behavior of pedestrians to make pedestrians more dynamic and unpredictable? For example, will there be more violent crime in bad neighborhoods and random events that occur around the world?

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