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[SCRIPT] A delay before the wasted screen

  • Hey,

    I would like to have a script that adds a delay between the player's death and the wasted-screen-effects.
    With "wasted-screen-effects" I mean the moment when slow-motion, soundeffects, screen goes black and white kick in, so before that you just laying on ground dead with no screen-effects.

    I've noticed that on the PS3/XBOX360 version that those effects mentioned above came a little bit later whilst on
    next-gen/PC the wasted screen has kicked in immediately on death.


    Noticed the delay on old-gen?
    I like the old-gen version of getting wasted, it's funnier to watch.

    In case that it's not possible, then tell me why. Maybe it's hardcoded or old-gen took a while to load (hardware, potato disk) etc, etc?

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