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Disabling ambient city sounds

  • I'm playing GTA V with the Simple Zombies mod and a few different mods to make it bit more realistic. But the thing that keeps bothering me is when I activate the Simple Zombies mod all the traffic and pedestrians disappear but I keep hearing the ambient city sounds like car honks, sirens etc.

    So my question is: Does anyone know of a mod that disables these sounds or does someone want to take the effort of creating a mod for this?

    I'll try for myself to create one but I'm a complete noob. But who knows, maybe I'll get it done!

    Last of all every bit of help is appreciated so feel free to suggest some things.

  • Hi, this is a really pertinent request, I don't get why no one have done this, especially for the multiples zombies mode that are on gta5mods!

    I'm looking into it, but I'm a lame modder, so if anyone know how to disable ambient sounds in the game, please please tell us! :)

    edit: I've tried to edit the file ONESHOT_AMBIENCE.rpf but it crash my game. I think if there is some edit to do, it's in this file.

  • @flodumalawi please don't bump old threads... it doesn't help at all, unless you actually provide a way of helping with the original OP.

    You should've just created your own thread. (and before you do please take the time to figure out which categories) are for which types of threads.)

  • @krashadam Ho ok sorry, it's just that my english is not perfect, and a post already written is easier for me. Last time I do it sorry :s

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