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Simple Trainer

  • Simple Trainer ENABLE MP Maps

    problem with menu ENABLE MP Maps
    screen https://yadi.sk/i/edQialJj3MozW7
    if I load the game with the feature turned on(or turn on while playing)
    the some memory errors (the game does not fall) fall only trainers.
    error screen https://yadi.sk/i/iy1aIo7B3MozXG
    accidentally identified that the problem in the number of dlc lines.
    in the mods folder in dlclist.xml I have more than 130 lines of dlc.
    if i reduce the number of dlc to max 90 lines(total), then ENABLE MP Maps works correctly.
    any ideas how to increase the number of dlc lines?

    win 10
    all the latest script and game updates.

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