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Tuned cars in ymap?

  • I wonder, now that ymap is there, is it possible to load tuned cars in a map? Reason I ask, is I have several nice maps, but those have just a random amount of general cars placed.

    If this cannot be done with a map, is there a scripted way to spawn them (with selected tuning parts)?



    Nice maps? Hmmm?

  • @ReNNie said in Tuned cars in ymap?:

    Nice maps? Hmmm?

    This, for one: West Vinewood Modern House

    I now have it perma-loaded, using the 'Map Editor & Menyoo to YMap Converter' tool. It has several generic cars lying around. I would love to replace those with my own add-on cars (but only if they can load tuned the way I want).

  • I found this snippet of code:

        <position x="-1052.59400000" y="-3483.12500000" z="13.64459000"/>
        <orientX value="6.43765300"/>
        <orientY value="11.30751000"/>
        <perpendicularLength value="7.10776900"/>
        <flags value="3683"/>
        <bodyColorRemap1 value="-1"/>
        <bodyColorRemap2 value="-1"/>
        <bodyColorRemap3 value="-1"/>
        <bodyColorRemap4 value="-1"/>
        <livery value="-1"/>

    It's a start; but obviously, that list is not complete (by far). Needs tires, rims, roof, windows, extras, etc.

    Anyone have the full list, please?!

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