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How do you install Open IV Car, Models, Worlds, Etc.?

  • I have tried tons and tons of YouTube tutorials and they never work, they either 1. Not let the game start again, causing me to have the re-install the game, 2. Let me go into the game, but the second I step outside a house the game literally becomes a drug trip (corrupted).

    If someone could help me with that I would be so happy.
    If you do attempt to help, could you start with something simple, like a vehicle livery?
    My game will not update, so I am in the version BEFORE the Smugglers Run update. I have absolutely no idea why it will not update. If possible, could you help with that too?

    Personally, I would like to talk privately. Maybe over discord?

  • Make sure you have OpenIV.asi. It helped me once. Other than that, i have no idea. (Reinstall OpenIV.asi and Opencamera.asi if you already have it.)

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