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Failed Initialization

  • a number of months ago before R* banned scripthook 5 an update caused the game to crash. i tried to download the latest scripthook and menyoo so i assume some files copied themselves and i dont know what the name of these files would be. there's nothing in on my 2Tb HD labeled scripthook or menyoo. so my question would be what files would cause GTA5 to say "Failed Initialization"? ive already Re-installed the cd version.

  • Hy.!! Take a look in launcher.log file...
    you found here...
    C:\Users\User\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V

    If you have FAIL CODE 107
    Update your GTALauncher and SocialClubLauncher


    @BrutandChrome do you have a NVIDIA gpu? Is so try this and lower settings downclock

  • @alex20121981 as far as i know social club is up to date. it updated not that long ago. are there any files i may have downloaded from this site that would give me error code 107?

  • If you have still random game crashes..... take a support ticket Rockstar page, follow every step what they need, less at 12h you have your answer.....

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