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Toggling extras.

  • So I've hit a wall with the development of some of my models. And that would be related to extra components on the vehicle.

    See, I'm trying to replicate the way the scrap truck works, for example. And that is, either one of it's extras spawns on, or none of them do. But my problem is, no matter what I try, all of the extras on my vehicle will spawn on.

    You can see the way my model is set up here -

    And the flags for it in my vehicles.meta are as follows:

    And as I've said, no matter what I try, all of the extras will spawn on. So I would appriciate some help with this.

    EDIT: I've figured it out, though I'm not exactly happy with the results. Turns out all you need is FLAG_EXTRAS_REQUIRED, however trains (any vehicle with the type VEHICLE_TYPE_TRAIN) cannot utilize this feature.




    and in <extraIncludes> and <requiredextras> the line <Item>EXTRA_3 EXTRA_4</Item>

  • @ReNNie Didn't seem to work. Tried it with a bunch of other flags aswell but still nothing.

  • @Walter I have a stupid question. Will this thing fits inside the tunnels ?

  • @dionys19 Actually yeah, it fits most of the tunnels. It does clip some of them and it comes dangerously close to clipping the overhead lights on the track, though.

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