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Cape Physics Idea for mod authors (TLDR: use a flag)

  • I know that a lot of mod authors who make superhero models have 'capes' attached, but they're sort of just pieces of cardboard. So, earlier I played around with the idea of using a retextured flag as a cape, since they already have physics implemented. I copied a flag object, added it to the object list, changed the texture, and attached it to my character's back using the Menyoo object spawner.

    It worked better than I expected and it seems like an idea that somebody more skilled than me could make work, and honestly I (and many others, I'm sure) would love to see a good cape mod come out.

    Problems I ran into:

    1. Couldn't really figure out how to resize the object, so I ended up attaching a giant flag with a superman symbol to my character's back.
    2. Physics are a little glitchy. Sometimes the flag would move through the player and be on the front, but this usually resolved itself by wiggling around a bit.

    I genuinely hope that somebody reads this and gets interested in making the first good cape mod.

  • @Bloodbullet10 Already is in development here

  • @Rarefacer Wow that cape looks fantastic. You guys were way, way ahead of me. Looking forward to this!

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