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  • I was banned for stealing mods, and it didnt say much. I dont steal mods, the account that was banned was HelpIHaveEbola, I would like to know what mod I "stole". Because I dont remember stealing mods.


  • @Ebola what mods did you have uploaded? And how many? ( @Reyser )

  • I uploaded just one, it was called EbolaVision, I had another one i think it was deleted.

  • @HelpIHaveEbola what was the other one? Was it similar in idea to another mod already on the site? I can't unban you unless I (and the rest of the moderators) can be certain that you didn't in fact steal a mod.

    EDIT: I found the mod. @Reyser marked it as stolen yet provided no proof or link to the original mod


    @HelpIHaveEbola Your upload was checked and it had stolen content from another Graphic mod. The most "curious" is that the stolen content is originary from "NaturalVision Remastered" mod, your upload was called "EbolaVision", both has very similar colors, etc. What a coincidence! :thinking:

  • @Reyser Was the entire mod stolen, or just parts of it? @HelpIHaveEbola Also, in the future, if you use parts of someone else's mod, ask permission before you release it. Other wise, even if credit is given, it can be considered stolen.


    @nathanjamesddg151 Parts of it, just the most important files of NVR which are the x_timecycle.xml and the visualsettings.dat files.

  • @Reyser that certainly does entitle the mod to be taken down, but perhaps a warning instead of an account ban? At least for the first offense?

  • @Reyser if you look at the visualsettings.dat theyre nothing alike. some colors might close but not the exact same. and the name i made up in a second. youre just gonna ban me for having some sky colors look the same when its not even stolen?

  • @HelpIHaveEbola I'm gonna go ahead and unban this account, we just won't approve the mod until the moderators can come to a consensus. I'd compare them now, but it's getting late and I have school tomorrow.


    @nathanjamesddg151 Was his first upload, let's say it wasn't a great start to be honest. He has made a new account anyway...
    @HelpIHaveEbola I'm a beta-tester of the mod which you took the content, and the main author of NaturalVision Remastered also compared both mods before I took the decision. Also, why do you only mention visualsettings.dat... are you confirming that you stole content trying to justify it somehow? huh.

  • if you look at it, nothing is stolen, i am looking at both right now and here little snippets of mine and nvr. and somethings are gonna be the same, i kept somethings default. Even if i did steal it why would saying visualsettings.dat make me look like i did?
    heightReflect.width 255.00
    heightReflect.height 295.00
    heightReflect.specularoffset 0.15
    heightReflect.waterspeed 1.00

    heightReflect.width 140.00
    heightReflect.height 225.00
    heightReflect.specularoffset 0.15
    heightReflect.waterspeed 1.00

  • I love how yall just say its stolen, but dont look it over, Im looking at my shit and comparing it to NVR and what do you know? its not stolen. So if the sky is blue, and another mod has blue skies, its automatically stolen.... noice

  • you gonna trademark blue skies?


    @HelpIHaveEbola You're just comparing 4 lines of visualsettings.dat but nothing of the weather files, just using sarcasm with "blue skies". Everything was compared at the moment of the upload and there were clear evidences that the files are stolen and changed.

    The following pic is visually the same as NVR and only Razed could achieve such look: https://img.gta5-mods.com/q95/images/ebolavision-0-1/55591a-Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot 2017.10.08 -

    Nothing more to say. Thread closed because it's going Off-Topic and there's nothing more to discusse.

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