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Hi-Poly Cars Crashing

  • I have a few vehicles here well over 650,000 polygons and have tried almost everything to get them to even spawn without crashing and giving a Err_str_failure_3. I have made sure that no nodes are more than 64,000 polygons and they still crash every time on spawn.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Bump | Does anyone know what this ERR STR Failure 3 is?

  • @StuntmanFlexx It often happens, if You forget to change the "base" value in zmodeler3. If this also doesn´ help, then I only counter-engineered an idea to remove some polys. Simply said, I removed engine and got vehicle to spawn up. You can also remove engine and add it as tuning, for example.

  • @HRH Gotcha, I was trying not to remove anything so if optimizing in 3ds doesn't get it I guess I'll have to. Thanks!

  • @StuntmanFlexx Optimizing mesh (=creating LODs as well) most definately solves Your problem as well!

  • @HRH I didn't know making L1 & L2 made a difference with crashing. I'll try that on chassis and bodyshell

  • is you volved ? i flowed our ways but not work

  • @HRH hey i made custom trailer mod and when i try to spawn i got error err_str_failure 3 my file is under 15mb how i can solve this

  • @johal Better off starting a new thread, this one is 4 years old, and placing it in Mod forum.

  • @johal in zmodeler, the first item in the hierarchy whatever it's called (trailer, bobcat, comet etc), select that dummy and go to properties. Then User Defined options, you want to add a new one called Base if it's not there. Then in the value column change the first value to a larger number than it is for example 100, 0 or 500, 0

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