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[SCRIPT] A mod to allow trains to utilize exta parts

  • So, this is kind of an unusual request here. It's not really a public script mod (mainly because I don't think many people could make use of it), more of a script to go along one of my train mods. (Heavily WIP at the moment)

    Recently while testing my models, I've concluded that any vehicle with the assigned type "VEHICLE_TYPE_TRAIN" cannot utilize extra parts.

    This means that even when given the flag "FLAG_EXTRAS_REQUIRED", all of the extras will spawn on, while this flag will (on any other type) allow only one extra to spawn at a time.

    I concluded this after replacing the vehicle type on a train car to VEHICLE_TYPE_CAR and spawning it with a trainer, which confirmed that it will indeed only spawn one extra. However doing this will prevent the model from spawning on actual trains, which kind of defeats the purpose.

    So I'm wondering if a script mod, or a game script edit is possible that would allow the vehicle type to use the extras.

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