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[VEHICLE] [COLLECTION] Overhauled Trains (Lore-Friendly)

  • @Walter do you have any idea how to increase the spawn limit on the wagons in the game? In the 3.0 version you have added a freightstack model. unfortunately there are problems with the display in the game and there is no template for this model either. Are you still planning something with this model? Many thanks in advance for your help.

    short answer: no.
    That model doesn't work, probably went in as a mistake really.

  • @Walter Bad news to hear. If I deactivate some features of the model in OpenIV, the model works fine with the texture. Could you please release the model for me. First of all the work was not for nothing for you and secondly I wouldn't do a reupload of other mods anyway. Believe me;D I have always appreciated your work on the Train mods so far.

  • @Walter need a link for this tool

    Nope, models aren't public to edit. It doesn't work in game with editing the vanilla files, anyway. If you really want to know more info about it, I have this, though it never got anywhere.

    What tool?

  • @walter Nice to see this mod is still under development. I did found a bug, though. When I derail the modern Brown Streak, if the F40PH tips over, the body goes through the ground, and only the trucks and fuel tank remain above ground. Just thought I let you know about this if you were not aware of it.

  • @Walter Okay. Do you know how to spawn more than 100 freightcars at the same time. My last question is how can i add a multiply textures to the standard ingame freighcontainer? I don't mean the random color in the Carvariations.meta but the textures you created in the texture packages of the models like box_sign_2 box_sign_3. How can i make this with a standard ingame freight model? i currently use zmodeler to create mods.

    No, and I'm sure there's a tutorial on the forums, you just have to look around.

  • @Walter hello. Maybe you could improve the distance between the locomotive and the wagons. The clutches are much too close to each other or too far apart.I have this problem mainly with the Gevo to the Gevo and afterwards with all other wagons when i use the standard ingame freightcars. Could you take a look at this?

  • @Walter that tool script . train utility menü

  • @Walter Hello. Could you change your locomotive and wagons to a 0.1 carriage_gap so that my models (carriage_gap 0.1 as used in the game) can be connected to yours? You use a carriage_gap of -0.4 which often causes me problems.

  • Hey, Walter, I made a NJ Transit reskin of the Genesis P40DC, Could I upload this to the website please?

  • When I enter the line <Item> dlcpacks: \ overhauledtrains \ </ Item> in the file "dlclist.xml" the game crashes when loading the plot, but without inscribing the game just doesn’t see the addition can you help me with something?

  • My game crashes after 2 minutes of playing because I installed the mod wrong, which the instructions are kind of confusing, so I was trying to uninstall the things I could successfully install, but I don't know how and I want to play gta 5 again! It would help if either you told me how to uninstall the mod or install it correctly, I would preferably install it because it seems like a really cool mod!

  • @Walter or some reason Only the default train (The default Go Loco) spawns even though I have the mod properly installed. Do you mind giving me some help? I mean I can spawn them but only through the "Menyoo" but that spawns them off the tracks and not properly driveable.

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