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[VEHICLE] [COLLECTION] Overhauled Trains (Lore-Friendly)

  • Ok so,
    I've been working on all those skins you can see below for some time now. The boxcar liveries are already released, and maybe I'm gonna release the other repaints soon, but there are 2 things keeping them from getting released: Laziness and no time. Maybe I'll have time to test everything, add more roadnumbers and weathering and so on. However, here are some pics:
    (I am too stupid to make them show up so here are the links)

  • @Walter if they were released i would put metrolink and coaster skins on them with caltrain

  • @Fredinator81 Nice, I would love to see some BNSF stuff. :)

  • So since I'm pretty much unable to work on the mod itself at the moment, I've been working on a bunch of other things that involve scripting. If anybody is interested, take a look at these:

  • @Walter

    Hello, are you planning to add the .OIV installation in the next update? Regards ;)

  • @Remix At this point yeah, if it's not too complicated to add it I will.

  • @Walter Doesn't the .oiv installation overwrite other mods?

  • @DreamRebel I checked and apparently it doesn't. You can simply set it to add a specific line to a file instead of overwriting it, so it's pretty neat.

  • @Walter oh nice, that’s pretty good. In that case it’s a rather nice feature. :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Walter if you do not need any of the new ZMod features, just export your file and reimport it into the pre 3.2 ZModeler. When you export it with previous versions the COLs will work fine again. It's a bit annoying, I got the same problem on a couple of my new mods :/

  • Alright so just to prove I'm not dead yet, just very busy
    Brown Streak loco

    This should come out in the next update, I have completed the duplex traincars and the cab car, and I'm adding on a new subset of Brown Streak skins with "San Andreas Regional"

    In-lore this basically means that they bought new engines and extended the service in the state, so you're gonna see way more Brown Streak trains with the next update, to balance the freights out

    I also added a proper hopper car because I want to test the site's size limit - see here

    if I can finally get a break from school/commissions I will finish writing the new config file and put it up on the site I think

  • Alright so here's a couple more things:
    I'm bringing back the old Streak livery, but this is currently a seperate vehicle and only appears in one config, to signify that the company brought a few of it's oldest engines back.
    Please let me know if the images aren't loading
    I'm kind of thinking of remaking the SA Streak though that would delay the update a bit, but it would also definitely improve it's quality. Maybe you guys could let me know what you think.

    The seperate classic one will keep this model either way, though.

    There is also one last thing, I re-made the default freight from scratch earlier with a lower wheel-body ratio to match my other engines, here it is:
    Not much difference is visible, but the model is made with liveries in mind from the ground up, so it is a bit more optimized on the technical side.
    (the cars on the back are the scrapped freightstack cars, that I never got to work)

  • Awesome news @walter ! Can't wait for the update. I still think an amfleet style car would be nice

  • Alright, out with the old and in with the new.
    New Engine
    Hoping to release either this week or next one.
    It actually turned out smaller than the older model which is interesting, but nonetheless it's definitely more resembling of an actual train.

  • @Walter Looks awesome, looking forward to playing with these soon! Out of curiosity, are the doors on the duplex cars in the same approximate location compared to their streak counterparts? I'm currently laying out some platforms for these and am wondering if i'll need to make adjustments to accommodate them.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @Transitman About the same height and in the middle aswell, yeah.

  • So, Now that 3.0 is out and everything looks pretty dang good, whats gonna come next? or will you take a break?

  • @Cereaaal Probably take a break seeing as I don't have anything I want to add anymore, so I'm not planning on a major update anytime soon

  • @Walter

    Can you add the .OIV installer for the v3.0 version?

    That would be helpful and nice.

  • @Remix I mean, to me the installation doesn't seem that difficult or time-consuming, so that's not a priority for me either.

  • @Walter Yes I agree, too much spoonfeeding.. it's literally adding 1 line in a file and dragging in a folder wtf...

  • So, something kinda small but I thought this was a neat concept. I do know that the map of GTA isn't really big enough to warrant a baggage car, but heck I made one anyway.

    The neat thing about it is, the San Andreas regional actually has the Los Santos skyline on its side, as seen here:
    Baggage car

    I'll have to convert it to the game and test when script hook is actually updated, so until now it's just in blender, sitting and waiting to be ported.

  • Pretty old mod at this point but I figured I might push out an update in the near future.
    Will probably include the baggage car and a parody of Amtrak's "Operation Lifesaver":
    Operation Stocksaver

    Cause you know, Brown Streak probably cares more about their stocks than about lives.

  • The more the better! Still the best train mod.

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