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[VEHICLE] [COLLECTION] Overhauled Trains (Lore-Friendly)

  • Looks good @Walter ! maybe some smaller engines or maybe bigger!

  • @Walter I was just gonna ask you that, but didn't know how to approach the question haha. Awesome man! Super hyped to see what's gonna be in the next update. Best of luck, dude!

    Btw, do you know what file is used for colors? I'm trying to make my models Add Ons, but when I spawn them, they appear with weird flickering colors. But when I replace the default Freight train with one of my models, it properly appears in yellow/white. (like they should)

    I really want to fix this before going out asking for help with LODs. Any ideas?

  • @elex try asking on the discord

  • Thanks for the effort you put into these, They look great ingame! Looking forward to more of your releases.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    @Walter looking through "vehicles.meta", it looks like you didn't include the "freightstack" model. Was that intentional? It's listed in vehicles.meta, but there aren't any models or textures for it under the .rpf archive.

  • @Van_Zandt Removed during development. Couldn't find anyone to help me with some script-related issues.

  • I'm not sure if it's this mod causing it, but my game is crashing whenever I try to go north of the LA river, pretty much when I am in sight of the train tracks.

  • @Polyus Anywhere near the tracks or just at that section?

  • @Walter anywhere within eyesight of the tracks.

  • @Polyus Can you try spawning any of the models independently? Just to see if they're causing the crash. If that's the case you need to make sure you mounted the DLC correctly.

    Also, I'm getting ready for the next update and I ran out of ideas for traincars. So far I have a centerbeam car and a caboose, and I'm planning on a flat car with logs on it and possibly a refigerated boxcar. So if anyone has any ideas I'm open for them.

  • @walter maybe some passenger cars with only 1 deck?

    alt text

  • @Walter yeah, but I could only spawn the default locomotive. And you could do a roadrailer, a coil car, or a bulkhead flat car.

  • @Polyus So nothing works and you made sure the DLC is mounted correctly? (the folder is in the right place and you added it to dlclist.xml) Can you make sure this only happens with this DLC, and nothing else? I had a similar problem which prevented me from mounting literally any extra DLC.

    @DavidFliesHunters I've actually made a P42 now aswell, so yeah, I might expad the coach fleet.

  • Ok.

  • alt text alt text I got these babies done yesterday!! and released

  • @Walter How about a car that hauls vehicles. You could use the car hauler trailer in gta and make a train car with that. I love this pack. One of the best!

  • @Hurst8 The autorack car is a type of traincar used to haul vehicles by train, and it's already in the pack. Though it has closed sides and no actual cars inside.

  • I am LOVING this set. I'm a big time railfan, growing up on the Grand Trunk Western (now CN) Holly sub, though it was back in the 90's. I'm kind of partial to older power, mainly the SD40s and Geeps. :p Looks great in my game. I'll have to grab some of the reskins that have been uploaded as well. :) Keep up the great work!

  • @Walter maybe these types of passenger cars

  • @Dannybus Some BBL's would be dope as hell :D

  • Forgive my ignorance, but where can I get a mod which lets me set up specific train setups (engines, carriages, etc). I'd like to do some military carriages with Humvees, tanks and trucks as cargo

  • @SkylineGTRFreak You don't need a mod for that (except for the models), you'll have to edit the "trains.xml" file and create some new train setups.

  • @DreamRebel thanks a lot!

  • So this new ZModeler update is a bummer, it broke my collisions with no documentation. So I gotta wait for that to fix it before release now, anyway here's a picture of the new coaches:

    bi-level coaches

  • Not really my kind, look a bit short

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