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[WIP] [VEHICLE] [COLLECTION] Overhauled Trains (Lore-Friendly)

  • I'll pop this in here for now for some feedback.
    I'm working on train models again, this time with a lot more success than way back then. I'm planning to release a pack of them, alongside a new train config file and new sounds sometime in the future labeled as Overhauled Trains.

    The models are completely lore-friendly, and most cars are set up for liveries. Currently I've ported five models, two engines and three cars. Of those, four are completely functional, with maybe the only missing feature being breakable glass. That means that they are all set up for LODs, and all have functional collisions with bullet holes.

    Not a lot is done of my full plan right now, but have a look for yourself:
    The re-mapped Freight leading, and the Freight Classic (based on the San Andreas model) in the back, with tankers and boxcars.

    Now I'd like to keep expanding the list of models, and will most likely add an ES44, an SD70ACe, an F59PHI, an autorack car, two hopper cars, one or two more tankers, one refrigerated boxcar, a trailer car (with the default in-game truck trailers on it), and a center beam car.
    (if you have any other suggestions let me know, although I'm hesitant to take them for engines, they're a lot more work than traincars)

    One important thing. Currently I have a big issue with the double stack car, which you can see all the details about in the thread I put into requests. Hoping that somehow gets resolved, as I believe it is one of the best and most wanted models of the pack.

    I can not provide a release date, but I promise I will release them this time.


    @Walter What about an SD-45? And I can't tell, but is that locomotive based off of the GP-38? Also, I think what is missing are gondolas as well as covered/uncovered hoppers.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 That's the default model, which I re-UV-mapped, and in the back is a re-modelled GTA San Andreas Freight. And I believe that's based on the SD-40.

    I did forget gondolas, but the "two hopper cars" does include the covered and uncovered one.

    Also I might make more engines but first I want to complete the base plan I have, which is listed there.

  • @Walter do brown streak freight train freight classic metro tram and metro subway all Together for variety all of them will spawn in traffic


    @Walter the SD-40’s have 6 axles. The GP-38 only has 4, much like the default locomotive. And I know that it is the default locomotive. I remember you having issues with it.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 Oh I meant the Freight in the back. The one in the front is closest to a GP40 I think. Though it is a mix of a lot of engine types.


    @Walter ah. I couldn’t see the one in the back.

  • @Walter What about RDR Train? i have made a long request no one did it till now

  • @NaughtyBoy Is PS3 console game, hard as hell to extract models, in special if is a fragmented model like a train. Your best choice is if you found a train model similar.

  • @Rarefacer Well also similar train won't be a problem its fine.


    @Walter I wonder if you could make articulated intermodal well cars work. alt text
    Link to model: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/double-stack-s635-containers-3d-model/683583

  • @nathanjamesddg151 I could try making them, yeah. I wouldn't need that model as I make everything (except texture details) from scratch.

    Only problem is, as you can see in the post aswell, not even my normal wellcar works right now, so I'd like to get help with that first if anything.


    @Walter was using it as an example. And yeah. Plus, no point in buying the model if you can’t use the bogies/trucks.

  • Can't wait for that models to release, they look fantastic on your screenshots. Great to see u resuming your work on trains

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