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[IDEA] converting maps from Just cause/TDU/The Crew

  • hello,

    since i dont like the GTA V layout and IMO its a pretty small map compared to the games like just cause, the crew etc.... i am thinking about creating additional terrain that will be placed next to the GTA V map as addon which will be much bigger, currently im messing with l3dt and learning the basics. But i thought about converting the map from one of the games:
    Just cause 1, 2 & 3
    The Crew (soon The Crew 2 will be out in 2018)
    Test Drive unlimited 2

    My question: anyone has tried converting bigger terrains to GTA V ? Worked it out well? Another idea was converting HD mesh v3 from xplane 11 to GTA V (Australia region) but when i opened the files, i didnt saw any mesh, i think that x plane 11 loads meshes different than GTA, i found texture files but nothing that looked like a mesh but i have to say that im beginner in this topic

  • @shephart I don't convert maps, but I do know that it is very time consuming as well as somewhat difficult. The problem with converting a map is that the game's publisher could send you a C&D, which would waste all your hard work.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 yes the C&D problem is known, but what if its a private project? nothing gets shown to the public ? then they cant know it

  • @shephart Then I'd say that you'd be safe.

  • @shephart @nathanjamesddg151 said in [IDEA] converting maps from Just cause/TDU/The Crew:

    @shephart Then I'd say that you'd be safe...

    ...just not from people who get jealous when they see private projects... even if the news is brought out that a map has been converted, but not legitimately shown.

    If I were you I'd stick to porting GMOD maps. Hell, be better just to convert maps from older games like these 3:

    (<bonus: this video is an hour long, so you get to see a fair amount of the cities you get to go to. there should be a 2nd part, in the listed videos (on the right.))

    Overall, my point is, if you convert maps from older titles, the chances of getting a Kiss Ass To Avoid Court card are nill. Just avoid mostly Rockstar titles and you're good.

    Here's another good example. Liberty City a no go zone for GTA 5 modders? No problem, there's a totally more grittier ghetto right here:

    (<IT'S NOT THE NARC GAME FROM 1988. NO. FUCKING YOUTUBE IS RETARDED, OKK? also the video is quite shitty but hopefully you see the map) (oh, and it's pronounced NARK, not narch.)

  • ok, i tried to rip Just cause 2 models, without luck, it doesnt rip ANY mesh, be it character, vehicle, weapon, objects etc...

    Since we have limits in GTA V regarding traffic etc... all of those maps would go beyond the limits, so the maps would be empty

    However, TDU2 and Just cause 3 maps should be possible to do, meshes from TDU2 were already ported to GTA SA and just cause 3 ripped some meshes with ninjaripper, but i have to take another look on it

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