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[WIP] New Truck Releases and other GTAV-ATS things

  • Since the release of my Phantom Flat Top and now the recently Hauler Classic, the idea of having an American Truck Simulator-like mission with RAGE's Transportation was a great idea. I'm hoping to implement my own trucks, and maybe other modders' trucks, in the script. Now, I haven't actually tried out the mod persay, buuut I will try it out and see if I can make add-on trucks available in the missions. Other than saying that, here's a tease at my next possible 3 mod releases.

    Screenshots taken using: Natural Vision Remastered/ VisualV at 50% brightness in the Display Settings


  • These look amazing, what I have been waiting for since V came out. Just edits and slight remodels of base trucks in game, makes it so much better. Have all your other trucks so far and I have to say the quality is amazing, haven't had any bugs what-so ever. Cant wait for these, I really want to replace the default packer with your edit, looks so good. Just salivating here. lol. Great job my friend.

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