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YCA Addons loading in "low-quality" on high-end PC...

  • Hello everyone,

    normally asking a Forum for Help is the last thing I do but I am having this problem since Months and haven’t found a solution yet after extensive research myself...

    Some of the YCA-Cars are extremely bugged on my pc. They load in a sort of low quality version no matter what the situation is: https://i.imgur.com/r6XJ1K9.jpg

    Yes, this ONLY happens with YCA cars. I have probably installed every single high quality addon ever released on this site and it NEVER happens with any other than yca cars - mainly Aige's.

    I can easily spawn +10 ultra high quality cars in the middle of the city with double Peds & Traffic without any problems but I cant spawn one single damn YCA car in the middle of nowhere with everything turned off.

    I know I am not the only one having this issue, already heard of people complaining about it.
    (Changing LOD Distance didnt really help - but I might have used the wrong numbers)

    Thank you in advance! <3

    Cheers, Kryton

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