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"Turning To Normal" WASTED

  • Hello thanks for amazing models I love this site!
    So I play alot with your models and I play brutal gun fight and I die alot , But when I die in GTA V its says "RETURNING TO NORMAL" and the original model spawn and you need to serch the skin again.
    I think alot of people will want this patch
    Thanks for amazing site! :"D

  • @BeckhamJR If you're speaking about getting rid of that thing that happens every time you die with a modded skin, you should make that a little more clear. (i had to read it over again before I got everything.)

    As for it being patched, sadly no, it can't happen. The game does that on it's own. It can't be patched, mainly because you weren't intended to play as NPCs to begin with.

    Also, "your models" sounds like you mean the guy who created this site made everything (Rappo used to be our old admin, now it's the same guy who hosts the Nexus Mods.). No, the site creator did not create ANY, but he has a choice of creating mods, but as far as I can tell, he doesn't.


    @BeckhamJR Please do not make multiple threads of the same topic

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