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Having problems with openIV, need some tips

  • Hey guys, since the 2.8+ openIV update I cannot open the ASI Manager anymore (freezes app) and cannot install the plugins by its normal ways.

    I copied the files from the GTA V folder in openIV folder, with the plugins it should need (openiv.asi, dinput8 and opencameraV.asi) into GTAV folder and asi plugins works normally now, so I could use scripts.

    The problem now is that when GTA starts it doesn't load the mods folder, so the custom .rpf never get into the game, as it's using the vanilla files.

    And when I use dinput8.dll from openIV the launcher says there's no dinput8 in gta v folder, but when I use the scripthook one it works normally, but still loads vanilla .rpf files.

    Is there any workaround? I use steam version, can I mod the vanilla files without it getting corrupted or redownloaded by the GTAV launcher?

  • Been trying to mod the original files with no avail for 4 hours, even a minor change in the .rpfs seems to corrupt it sadly

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