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[VEHICLE] [WIP] TVR Cerbera Speed 12

  • Hey guys.
    This is my first vehicle mod so I have basically no idea what I'm doing. I've managed to muddle my way through so far and I've kind of got it working in game as a replacement for the Verlierer although I can't get the dash to work or the handling to change but I think it must be because the Verlierer doesn't take it's vehicles and handling metas from the mpapartments folder, presumably it's been updated at some point. I have it working mostly as it should as an addon though there are still some issues.

    The Bad Points:

    • for some reason I can't paint either the primary or secondary colours of the car, they're just white. I've got the right material types and textures according to the tutorial I was going off but I can't work out why it's not working.
    • the driver's head goes through the roof which shouldn't be too hard of a fix, just got to find the right layout or move the seat position in the model.
    • bullet holes only show on the doors, boot and bonnet but not on the chassis which I don't know how to fix.
    • the headlights tint when you tint the windows but I'll be able to fix that easy enough as I've already done it for the windscreen and rear light cover glass, I just forgot the headlights.
    • the lower front lights don't light up on full beam which I think I should be able to fix.

    The good points so far:

    • model spawns in and drives without crashing the game
    • working digital dash
    • functioning lights, doors and window tinting (mostly)
    • breakable glass
    • extras (wing, splitter and diffuser)
    • hands on steering wheel perfectly as I resized and reangled it to match the Verlierer's

    To do list:

    • fix bugs/issues
    • proper handling file
    • overall quality of the model, especially the interior, is not great so that'll be hopefully improved once I get all the important bugs sorted.
    • maybe livery support

    Model from Forza 4 via gamemodels.ru.

    Video of current model:

  • I've fixed the light tinting issue and have the handling half way done, working on the driver height and cleaning up parts of the model as I go along. Still struggling with getting the paint to work though and have abandoned the idea of having the lower front lights on full beam for now but I might come back to it once I've sorted some of the other stuff out.

  • I've finally managed to get the paint to work so now I'm going to try to work on the driving position and a few other details. 0_1508257747715_Screenshot (196).png

  • @Tank-Guy Dude, I am so looking forward to this. Always loved TVRs - especially this beast ;)

  • @krissboo Yeah I'm surprised no one's done it before. Unfortunately I doubt it'll be the most refined model by the time I release it but hopefully I'll be able to improve it over time as I get better at modelling.

  • @Tank-Guy For full beam lights (or, as the game names them "extralights"), import "submersible" into Your scene and take extralights_1 & extralights_2 dummies from there and place them into the right spot (lower lights?). Then assign correct vertices ID-s on these lights (14&15), copy axes from dummies to "actual lights" and create new compounds extralight_1 & extralight_2.

  • @HRH Thanks but I realised after looking at some pictures that the things at the bottom aren't lights anyway, they're intakes so I don't need that for this. I'll probably do something with multiple extra lights at some point so thanks for the info anyway.

  • I've started adding a 3D-ish engine and fixed a few bits like making the brake discs a bit more round and having an actual texture on the inside of the rims. I'm getting there slowly with the seating position but now that I'm using a different layout I have to resize and re-angle the steering wheel so the driver's hands stay on it properly. I'm still having an issue with damage not showing on the main body, only on the doors, bonnet and boot. I might try separating the chassis into chassis and bodyframe to see if giving the body the proper name fixes it unless anyone has a better suggestion? Also for some reason the reflections in the wing mirrors are upside down and while it is only a minor detail really and I hardly ever drive from interior view, it'll just make it a bit more of a complete mod.

  • 0_1508372475642_Screenshot (201).jpg
    0_1508372526604_Screenshot (200).jpg

  • So having the bodyshell as a separate entity has made the damage work on it. I also improved the engine model a little. 0_1508452511556_Screenshot (204).jpg
    0_1508452519506_Screenshot (202).jpg

  • I've got to a stage where I'm happy with it so I'm going to release it. I decided it would be better to take the tyres from the Verlierer so now there's an actual texture to them, I improved the glass by removing unnecessary polygons and have got the hands back on the steering wheel which meant moving the wheel so I had to slightly alter the dash so it was still fully visible in 1st person. Overall I think it's good enough to call complete but by no means finished. The interior could do with a lot more detail work as could the engine. The exterior is pretty much as good as it's going to get with my current skills and I don't think it's too bad. I'll be starting on other cars now but I may come back to this at some point.

  • @Tank-Guy Tell ya what bro, you have done a really good job on this, especially as it's your first mod. :)

  • @krissboo Thanks that means a lot. I think starting with a decent model certainly helped. The real test will be getting to get the Seicento to a decent level ;)

  • @Tank-Guy

    Surely you don't mean this beast ;)

    alt text

  • @krissboo Oh yes. Truly the greatest piece of Italian-Polish design of all time.

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