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[VEHICLE]Private Civilian Aircraft

  • I noticed that for GTA V, most of the aircraft are all military jets (or WWII), but some are large passenger planes. None the less, they are all very identical.

    We need some diversity here since the vanilla aircraft have more diversity in terms of the plane types. FSX and XPlane have a diverse array of aircraft, and I would love to see some regular private aircraft.

    Here are some examples.

    There are a lot of aircraft out there on this site, but none for private use. Rockstar even has ones you can sit in the back of. This is something that we the modding community can take advantage of because I have seen the quality of aircraft out there.

    Also you may have noticed I included a glider and a hang glider. These are two aircraft that haven't been done before in GTA (with the exception of the Smugglers Run update). But unlike the smugglers run update, we can make a more realistic gliding experience.
    The Hang Glider: A script will spawn them on the tops of a few mountains. When the player gets into it, the script will give it a push off. After that the GTA flight physics take over. Then the player can glide it over LS and Blaine County. The script may have to handle the player animation, but it may be possible to have the player positioned in the plane realistically. I know GTA has the right animations that can be combined for a hang glider.
    The Glider: Unlike in Smugglers Run, there will be no rocket booster to get you speed. Like in real life, you will need a tow plane. Using the rope function that GTA has, there will be a marker at LSIA in the back by the hangars. When you trigger it, you will spawn on the runway in the glider hooked up to the tow plane. You can specify the height which the tow plane will fly up to. When you set a way point, the plane will fly to it. Without a way point, the plane will just fly in a straight line. Then when you are ready, you can press the A button on the controller to detach yourself from the tow plane and start gliding.

    For the gliders we could also have zones that give them a little bit of a speed boost around the sides of mountains, cliffs, and sky scrapers to allow you to gain lift to increase your flight duration.

    I know that this is a big list of requests. However, I figured I would post it anyways encase there are any talented modders out there who would be inspired and want anything I posted here in their game as well.


    @nkjellman a lot of the vehicles pictured above are available in the game as vanilla vehicles as parody type models. The hang glider and the larger glider have not been done in game, that might be interesting, to have a pull plane and then a release of a glider... Or run up under the mountain side and grab a glider and fly down...

    There are a number of mod makers out there and if you make a small donation to them of say 15 to 30 US dollars they will convert I model for you.

  • @DarthPungz Exactly. It would be nice to have a higher quality version of the real deal rather than the vanilla parody. GTA even has the ability to allow you to sit in the passenger area of some of the nicer aircraft. This could be interesting when it comes to higher quality models.

    Unfortunately I don't have the money to be making donations like that. I figured I would put this out here encase there are vehicle modders out there who would want to do these aircraft. Eventually they will run out of military planes to do.

    Hopefully when someone does decide to do one, they will make it high quality too with working dials and such.



    The great attraction to this also is that the physics and handling of light propeller planes in game are much more realistic than the handling of the larger and jet powered aircraft.

    The map being small, I also find flying slower small aircraft more enjoyable... The map doesn't just zoom bye... Flying to fast across the map makes the game feel small and ruins the immersion for me.

  • @DarthPungz In my eyes, a fast jet making the map zoom by enhances the emersion. I use Super Sonic on the fighter jets to make them reach realistic speeds.

    I know that the map is large. I also know that I am simply going really freaking fast. A slow jet that should be fast destroys it for me. No Boundaries is required for the realistically fast military jet to work well, for it to be emersive so I don't have to turn around constantly.

    But a small plane that goes much slower also enhances the emersion.

    I suppose that I like to have a different perspective from different vehicles in terms of how I view the map. A military jet should be able to zoom across it, but a passenger plane shouldn't.

    I have the same attitude about cars too, which is why I use the realistic speed version of the Realistic Handling mod.

  • At least I'll be making the Cirrus Vision soon... It's something haha

  • @SkylineGTRFreak I look forward to it.

    @mr_awesome12312 Add that one to the list.

    If we could get the cigar smoking and wine scripts from Online to work in the vanilla planes as well as the custom ones, that would be really cool.

  • @DarthPungz Oh, how does one find these modders ?



    I recommend reaching out to @FoxtrotDelta @SkylineGTRFreak or @CANAL-EMBRAER-GTA to see who might have the time and interest to take on a paid for aircraft high quality modeling job.

    These guys are not the only ones who do such work but these three I absolutely trust and have great confidence in their work. Fortunately and unfortunately these three guys are usually quite busy.

  • @nkjellman I Recommend @CANAL-EMBRAER-GTA, he is making me an English Electric Lightning.

  • @mr_awesome12312 Thank you.

    Unfortunately I don't wanna pay for it as I lack the funds. I posted this thread in the hopes that someone would want to create an aircraft that isn't military and they are looking for ideas.

    We have the hangar in SP now. I would love to populate my custom planes hangar with something other than identical fighter jets.

    Also for the glider, I am thinking of making an add on one without the rocket boster, and write the tow plane script myself. I have always wanted to get into C# coding.

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