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mpsmugglersrun aircraft workshop

  • So we all got the smugglersrun in SP now, giving us the new aircrafts and etc.. My question is that I searched and I could not find what I'm looking for.. How can I or is there a way to modify the aircrafts in the work shop to use the different bombing types, carpet bombing, gas bombs, etc? Is there a method I'm unaware of to do it in SP or is there a mod?

    This reminded me of the last update before smugglers run, where we got the new vehicles that can be modified in bennysworkshop if you have it in SP and you can add all the weapons on them and such. but I never got to know how to deploy the bombs from the vehicle, You could fire missiles or the machine guns, or mount the turrets, but when you buy the bomb deployment form Bennys I just could not find a way to activate them, so enlightenment about that too would be appreciated.

  • @OGKnowledge The problem is less the equipment (iirc some trainers can do that) but triggering it. This can only be done with a script mod and that's not yet written.

  • @Cyron43 Oh okay, So I get that theres no script to add the airplanes workshop from MP yet and for the activation of the weapons because its still fairly new. But the gunrunning update is old now, theres still no script to deploy the mines you add from bennys?

  • @OGKnowledge In regards of software development, some month are not old. It's not like clicking some buttons and the mod is done. Software development means a lot of research before the first line of code is written! The gunrunning update implemented new native functions which still haven't been found yet, except for a few, let alone the smugglers update. Mod wise there is nothing I would know of but google knows probably more.

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