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[W.I.P]1969 Camaro Drag Car

  • Howdy!
    I am doing my best to recreate a good friend of mine's Drag car..
    Here's the progress:
    alt text

    I do have an issue though.. Is anyone able to create this texture for me?.. Its very simple and the pattern what you see on the side is literally the whole design. (obviously replicated on the opposite side)
    alt text

    Pretty please :)

  • These front wheels do not look like a dragster's wheels .. but the rest are looking pretty good

  • @Maverick70 :P Thanks!

    alt text

  • Nice, I'd like to see that Camaro in GTA 5

  • @John-Lemon Thanks! I'm around 75-80% complete!
    My fellow John, do you have any tips regarding uv mapping? Though you cannot see from this angle, the textures on the door will not line up with bodyshell texture.. no matter what i try!

  • @JDHauser I'd help, but I'm a retard with Zmodeler, I can't even use it when people tell me what to do

  • @John-Lemon Thanks anyways man - manage to fix it :)

  • Update:
    alt text
    alt text

    Gettin' there!

  • Video Update!

    2 things i need to do before release:

    1: fix center alignment on wheels (if someone could help me i'd greatly appreciate it - all alignments are currently centered :S )
    2: fix front sticker on front windscreen

  • Show better picture of Your alignment problem.

  • @JDHauser I don´t get it, what is Your complaint? Only thing I see different from my work is that I usually align the wheel dummies on top on each other (look in "Top" view), but I havent noticed anything weird myself, if I knowingly left them misplaced a bit...

  • @HRH That's what i thought but in game, the wheels do not rotates from teh center? though everything looks alright in zmod?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Quite strange, yes, because it seems centered. I would most probably do this if I need rock solid-method:

    Detach the compound [wheel_lf].
    Import any random vanilla car into the scene and take its unmodified wheel dummy. Put the dummy into the center of Your physical wheel, of course.
    Copy axes from the new vanilla dummy onto Your mod physical wheel LOD or all LODs (if there are).
    Now copy new LODs (read previous sentence), vanillas usually have L0+L1+L2.
    Click on the new vanilla dummy and make a new compound from it, drag Your physical wheel LODs into it.
    Use other wheel dummies also from the new vanilla car, if later needed.

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