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Mod car paint not working, pls help

  • Hi guys.

    I'm converting a TVR Cerbera Speed 12 from Forza 4 and I have it all working pretty well in game and most of the issues I should be able to fix with relative ease but the main problem I have is for some reason I can't paint the car in game, it's just fixed to white. I have the main body as the primary colour and the extras (wing, splitter and diffuser) as the secondary colour and as far, as I can tell, all the materials are set up right in zmodeler. Primary is vehicle_paint_1 with vehicle_generic_smallspecmap.dds as both detail and specmap, blank_normal.dds as the bumpmap and env.dds as the envmap. Secondary is vehicle_paint_2 with the same settings which according to the tutorial I was going off is right but when I change the colour in game it just stays white although pearlescent sort of shows through. I have tried many things to fix it and can't think of anything else so any suggestions welcome.

  • Ayy that's got it working thanks.

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