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[SCRIPT] [Released] Helicopter/VTOL Runway Taxi Plugin

  • So we've got all these awesome helicopter models on gta5-mods, and many of them have wheels (as real helicopters often do). Unfortunately, GTA doesn't have any way built in to actually use those wheels though. This is a problem if you want to park your helicopter in a hangar, or if you want to taxi it around realistically. VTOL aircraft have a similar problem: they only have two positions (up or down), and in the up position they can't taxi either.

    My new Heli Taxi plugin solves all of these issues by making it possible to taxi wheeled helicopters and VTOL aircraft. It also adds customizable additional angles to VTOL aircraft so you can choose a partial tilt. It uses normal helicopter controls and doesn't require any additional keybindings. It will work automatically with any helicopter that has wheels and any VTOL aircraft. You can optionally override settings for specific models by adding a configuration file for that model.

    I started developing the plugin last week, and just released a beta version to members of my early access program. After I get some beta feedback and incorporate any necessary changes, I will be releasing it here on gta5-mods.com for you all to enjoy!

    Special thanks to @SkylineGTRFreak for creating all of the excellent aircraft that I tested/developed this mod with and which are featured in the demo video below, and thanks for @DarthPungz for suggesting that I add support for VTOL aircraft. And a big thank-you to everyone who is a member of the Parks Benefactor Program for generously donating to support my development projects.

  • Awesome, always thought this was a needed feature!


    @PNWParksFan It is truly outstanding work that you are doing sir!

  • @PNWParksFan Wow this is magic !! This increase so much the immersion

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