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[VEHICLE] Chevy Cobalt SS/LS 2005-2009 (Model Conversion) GTA IV to GTA V

  • Anyone able to do it? This version of the Cobalt with the round tailights would be perfect. I'm a pro gfx designer and I tried to do it myself but cant get the ZModeler 3 to work properly smh. All the work flow views are all black soon as the program loads up, anyways. The model doesn't look too bad in the Zmodeler 2. Appreciate it if anyone could convert it.

    Link below is a .Rar file with both the model and textures file from GTA IV. Not sure who originally made the model but its possibly converted already from NFS or Forza before it was altered to work in GTA IV.

    alt text


  • That model better not have been locked before... also make sure you have permission. (if it's locked it was a locked mod for a reason.)

  • The file was not locked. An permission has been granted. Took a minute to find the original user, they told me its a model from NFS NOT Forza. Good guess Lol

  • Ah those need for speed most wanted days

  • Yessirrr damn I feel old as f Lol

  • you can't just beg for somebody to do some shit for you, if you want somebody to convert it, good luck finding somebody to do it for free. it's most likely they'll ask for something in return. so it would be better to search for a tutorial on how to do it yourself, or just find some model conversion website. but that's just my guess.

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