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Create complete Custom Map from scratch

  • Hi guys

    I came up with the idea of precisely re-building my hometown in GTA years ago and I am now eager to put some effort in this project. The graphics and interface of GTA 5 seem to be perfect for that.

    Now to my questions: which tools/mods/tutorials can you recommend the most ?
    My hope is to find a really sophisticated and easy to use "Map Creator Tool" that allows to efficiently create both terrain and buildings. The functions of "Map Editor" first hit me and made me think that it actually should be possible to create ANY map from scratch without being a software developer. Obviously the functions of "Map Editor" are by far not enough since no terrain can be placed. Is the "Map Builder 3.1.6" the right choice or should I go with the guide provided by NTAuthority or something else ?

    Thanks a lot for yours answers.

  • @Pinauen If you own any type of Source game (other than Team Fortress 2), you could use the program Hammer Editor, a map creation tool that comes with every game. Every Hammer copy is entitled to the game it came with. (though that can be changed, but quite complicated).

    I read around that it was possible to export maps made with Hammer into OBJ. A person like @ArthurLopes would know how this'd work.

    You can also go by 3D modeling in programs such as 3DS Max or Blender.

    oh, and by the way, please post in the correct category. Requests is for requesting mods to be developed.

  • Hi krashadam. Thank's a lot. I think the Hammer Editor is pretty much what I was looking for. It would be awesome if Hammer came directly with and entitled to GTA V. So when I have the model in OBJ format, can you roughly tell me how to import it into GTA V ?

  • @Pinauen Like I said, @ArthurLopes may know how to do this, but there's other GTA5 map modders out there who maybe able to port it for you. I actually have no idea how to port maps to GTA5. Trust me, if I could make GTA5 work on a 250gb Linux system, I'd spend my time figuring out how to create maps, but... I can't. That'd be painful just installing it again.

    But anyways, there's people out there who port maps. If you can find them, they may be able to port a map for you.

  • Hi krashadam. Thank's a lot. I found the Far Cry 4 SP Map Editor and it looks quite intuitive as well. Do you think it's possible to port maps from Far Cry 4 Editor to GTAV ? Does anybody have experiences in doing that ? I'm really looking forward to recreating my own real maps from scratch.. Thx

  • @Pinauen well, two way.
    You create a map with map editor/menyoo mod using custom prop mod or map builder mod.
    but it will be limited.

    The other way, that permit much more but require a bit more time to learn, is modeling/convert it. You first have to convert the map from the game you want to .obj ( or other format supported by 3ds) and then using 3ds gims evo you can convert this map from .obj to gta format (like ydr) ( gims is a plugin for 3ds that support the different gtaV formats)

    There is some tuto about how to use gims.
    But for the way to convert the map you want to .obj you gonna have to search by yourself since it can change from a game to an other, sometime there will be no way so you'll have to use tool such as 3d ripper or NinjaRipper.

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